Our Mission

The Yontz Valor Foundation will both directly, and through other like minded
organizations, provide funds to help our wounded warriors re-establish all
aspects of their life when they return from active duty – and for those who tragically
do not return, support their families.

Founder’s Vision

“The freedoms we enjoy in this great country are, understandably, taken for granted by many Americans due to the fact that we never had to face a foreign invader on our shores since our country was founded. This country’s commitment to our military along with the men and women who voluntarily serve to protect us, are the reasons we feel so safe in our homeland. We owe these individuals a debt that we could never repay, particularly those who return wounded, disabled, and, the many who never return. The Yontz Valor Foundation was therefore founded to primarily assist those returning veterans who were wounded in battle, their families and the families of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

Kenneth F. Yontz



Always in our Hearts

Organizations We’ve Supported