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We are honored to help many successful organizations who truly care. We love to share a few unique stories of leaders, organizations, or special experiences as Yontz Valor Foundation is so proud of everything these organizations do for our veterans.

Terri Yontz Miller – President/Trustee

The Sparta Project

“The Sparta Project is one of our most compelling programs within the Yontz Valor Foundation. Sparta invites warriors and first responders to a five-day Cohort (any group of soldiers or warriors) to “transform the stress and trauma caused by war and violence into resiliency, empowerment, and individual greatness.”

I was honored to join a Female Cohort in November, 2018. The week was about addressing post-traumatic stress and suicidal thoughts with self-awareness, meditation, goal-setting, and group accountability. The exercises addressed problem-solving as a team, paralleling our day to day struggles in the civilian world.

Beyond what men face in our ranks, women warriors endure sexual harassment on a daily basis. In the USA, 20% of our women in uniform report rape by their peers. 40% report being harassed sexually. Our military has an obligation and opportunity to teach men that each man alone is responsible for his physical needs. Our women are in battle 24/7 facing the same obstacles as men. They have the daunting challenge of balancing career, personal safety, children at home, and an outdated male-dominated culture.

The Sparta Project simply saves lives! Seeing this first hand, I was so moved by the resiliency of the human spirit, the power of human bonding, and the hope for recovery. The experiences shared and the friendships forged result in lives transformed. The Sparta team has saved the lives of men and women who came in hurting, hopeless, and believing this was their last stop.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share the experience and to continue aiding this incredible team of healers.”

Katie Hayes – Trustee

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